Video & Audio

User-centred cloud

June 2020 at Computing’s DeskFlix event, co-presented with Kris Saxton. Why a cloud hosting strategy should focus on user-centred design, creating a service that meets the needs of software developers.

Hybrid Clouds. How to go slow and haemorrhage money doing it

June 2017 at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017, co-presented with Kris Saxton. Exploring the dangers of so-called ‘hybrid cloud’ strategies, and why hybrid is better described as a predicament.

Technology in justice

June 2018 on the WB40 podcast where I’m interviewed about working in technology and justice.

On hype technology and its impact on innovation

April 2019 on the Technically Legal podcast discussing the impact of ‘hype technology’ (e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet-of-things) on innovation.