I’m a digital and technology specialist, with leadership experience in digital delivery and transformation, user-centred service and policy design, and cyber security.

I’m a partner at Public Digital, and an independent consultant. I was previously Chief Technology Officer at the UK’s Ministry of Justice. I have been an advisor to senior public servants in UK, Canada, Madagascar and Australia, and to executives of global private sector companies.

As a member of the Government Digital Service transformation team, I helped found and grow the UK Ministry of Justice Digital team in 2013. Over six years, I contributed to the transformation of justice in England and Wales through the delivery of technology and the application of user-centred design.

During my time in government, I was a member of programme boards for the Department for Education, and then for a combined programme by House of Commons, House of Lords, National Archives and devolved Parliaments and Assemblies. Prior to working in government, I worked at the BBC and The Guardian.

I’m a regular writer and speaker on themes such as legacy technology, hype technology, transformation and sustainability of technology.