Dave Rogers

Independent digital & technology consultant.

I write about making technology useful, and sustainable in organisations.

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  • The toxic production line
    Part 6 of a series on toxic technology. Large organisations can feel like out-of-control production lines. Everyone is doing their best to keep up, but the demand keeps coming. This feeling comes from a lack of mastery and empowerment. It is caused by command and control culture, and reinforced by traditional governance. Where technology is […]
  • Culture eats technology for breakfast
    Part 5 of a series on toxic technology. Culture in organisations is what people value, and how they behave. Some organisational cultures are undesirable, and will cause and embed problems until the culture changes. Some of these problems impact technology – culture can reduce its quality, and lead to it becoming toxic. Poor cultures can […]
  • Mistrust makes technology toxic
    Part 4 of a series on toxic technology. Read parts 1, 2 and 3. Over the next few instalments in this series, I’m going to write about the causes of toxic technology. These causes are systemic: markets, management, culture, finance and human bias can all contribute to toxicity. My intention is to help people understand that […]
  • Legacy technology: The good, the bad, and the toxic
    Part 3 of a series on toxic technology. In part 1 I introduced toxic technology, and part 2 explained the symptoms. The term ‘legacy’ when applied to technology has a dual meaning. Some define legacy technology by emphasising its risk. They use the term to refer to technology which, through an ageing process, has become outdated and […]

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Video & Audio

User-centred cloud

June 2020 at Computing’s DeskFlix event, co-presented with Kris Saxton. Why a cloud hosting strategy should focus on user-centred design, creating a service that meets the needs of software developers.

Technology in justice

June 2018 on the WB40 podcast where I’m interviewed about working in technology and justice.

About me

I’m a technology and digital specialist, with leadership experience in digital delivery and transformation, user-centred service and policy design, and cyber security.

I’m an independent consultant, part of the Public Digital network, and previously Chief Technology Officer at the UK’s Ministry of Justice. I’ve advised senior public servants in UK, Canada, Madagascar and Australia, and executives of global private sector companies. … Read more